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Who We Are

The ACHETS Center for Advancement of Christian Education Ministries and Certifications - ACACEMC is responsible for the direction and spiritual quality of the Christian education programmes through prayer, example and guidance.

ACACEMC will periodically make a careful survey of the Christian educational programmes, facilities, equipment, budget, leadership, and curriculum to discover strengths and weaknesses. After reviewing their findings, the ACACEMC will then recommend changes and improvements in the Christian educational programmes.

The ACACEMC will assist organizations or bodies in defining objectives and developing people and Christian educational programmes. It seeks to keep the entire educational programmes established on the Word of God.

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The ACACEMC, through consultation with the educational leadership, approves all curricula for use. Where a published curriculum is not used or is unavailable, guidelines shall be established by the ACACEMC for the creative work of teachers and leaders.

Surveying workers needed, listing available workers, setting standards for workers, developing a plan for recruitment, and approving workers represent the major duties of the ACACEMC.

An adequate and continuous programme of teacher and leader education will be a high priority of the ACACEMC. This should include a standard of certification for all teachers and workers in the Christian educational ministries.

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Our Mission

The ACACEMC's mission is to help Christian educators and Christian organizations discern God’s purpose in their Christian education ministries. The ACHETS Center for Advancement of Christian Education Ministries and Certifications is a nonprofit organization, with the aim to provide unique, innovative and effective professional training programmes, certification and evaluation service for Christian trainers and Christian organizations or bodies worldwide.

ACACEMC is responsible for developing, training and issuing certifications, having a thorough understanding of the field relevant to Christian ministry, Christian business and the qualifications required for different positions can be beneficial.


Certifications can also help individuals and institutions to stay up-to-date with ministry and practice of Christian education.

In addition, having a certification can help individuals advance their Christian ministries and careers. It also gives them access to networks and resources.

Core Values


We are leaders. Innovation helps us improve and increase our impact. innovation is at the heart of all our activities.


We always strive to exceed expectations by offering our best possible experience and high-quality services.


Our commitment drives innovation, pushes us to exceed expectations and enables us to operate transparently.

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