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ACACEMC Christian

Business School

We offer a number of Christian educational programmes, business programmes, management and leadership programmes relevant to Christian ministry and Chritian business today.

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ACACEMC Christian

Business School

The ACACEMC Christian Business School - ACBS is part of ACHETS Center for Advancement of Christian Education Ministries & Certifications. ACBS is an affiliate of Biblical University, accredited by Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS Incorporated. Our programmes help students develop a deeper understanding of their identity, formation, and calling as they journey to become whole persons in their work and in their community. Embedded within Christ-centered communities, students of ACBS programmes will grow in their discipline through a commitment to the Christian virtues of intellectual curiosity and rigor, hospitality, humility, integrity, authenticity, and perseverance.

As a Christian-based institution, we believe that the business field is not just a career choice guided by self-interest, but rather an avenue in which our students can develop and realize an element of their true potential. We want our students to develop a social consciousness that is ethics-driven based on Christian principles. We have a mission-driven purpose and encourage students along a spiritual and moral path that promotes decision-making from a moral perspective and Christian worldview.

Business Discussion

Our Mission

To prepare Christians for business and professional work, and to offer programmes that aim to integrate the Christian faith in a secular environment

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Accredited by ACHETS

A non-profit independent accreditation body for Bible Colleges, Seminaries and Christian Universities

Certified by ACACEMC

ACACEMC drives innovation and change in you and in your organization with professional certifications.

Supported by BU

A private, Non-profit, Tuition Free Religious Educational Institution and Top Ranked Online Christian University

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